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The Secret's of Soccer Tactics

The English Plan
Soccer Tactics English Plan
Depending on the wind, the striker's position may vary...

The French Plan
Soccer Tactics French Plan
In their plan, they try all possible hypothesis.
Shit! They forgot the goal

The Brasilain Plan
Soccer Tactics Brasilain Plan comments!

The German Plan
Soccer Tactics German Plan
Radical, efficient, unstoppable... (ball's speed may reach 297km/h)

The Italian Plan
Soccer Tactics Italian Plan
Iron defense, small ideas in midfield, passes to striker and Penalty

The Turkish Plan
Soccer Tactics Turkish Plan
Note: the red dot is not the ball. it's a referee.

The Russain Plan
Soccer Tactics Russain Plan

The Scottish Plan
Soccer Tactics Scottish Plan
Stay at home and watch the others on TV!...


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Mwahahahaha Hát ez oltári vazze :D Oroszok => Bwahahaha! :DDDDD

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Very useful explanation


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